About me

Hi! I’ve been working in Graphic Design for about ten years, for agencies and as a freelancer. I love freelancing, I love agencies too. But I love clients more than anything. Over the years I’ve learned how to read and translate (I hold a Philology Degree, that helps)  pain points, needs and desires of my clients in order to deliver, in a very short amount of time, the winning visual solutions for their businesses.
For me, every project needs to be taken care of with passion, personalized attention and continuous tension to achieve excellence. 
It’s the only way to obtain great results.
This is my method. I listen, I ask a lot of questions (maieutics!), analyze, research, work hard and finally deliver and follow up.
I’m attentive to the trends of the industry, but I don’t follow any of them just for the sake of it. I have no personal style, since I believe my mission is to create the style of each and every client and, at the end of the day, I hope to also contribute to society with good and clear Graphic Design.
My name is Andrea Cirotto, I’m from Cuneo, Italy, and after living, studying and working in Milan, I moved to Barcelona, where I’ve been living since 2002. I work fluently in Spanish, English, Italian and French. I leave Catalan for drinks, friends and good food. Besides GD, I love photography, architecture, all things green (both wild and designed), guitars, cats and electric vehicles.
I wish you an impeccable experience with my services.
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