For Atipika, a luxury real estate company in Barcelona, I have been in charge of redesigning the corporate catalogue in three languages, as well as a variety of marketing/sales material, office decoration, custom vinyl stickers, newsletters, banners, etc.

I’m currently developing a sub-brand for the company and an electronic update of the corporate catalogue.



The catalogue design is clean and minimalist, in order to transmit luxury and professionalism. Data are reinforced with some simple and elegant infographics, text is reduced to the minimum, key images occupy full page.

The PVC plaques advertise Atipika’s services to the passers-by and showcase some of the most attractive properties. They are designed according to the distances of the iron bars mounted near the windows and create some interesting shadows in the clean interior of the office space. I choose for this project the Brandon Grotesque typeface, elegant but bold, modern, versatile, professional.


Photo Credits

Atipika office space Castelldefels: Gabriele Merolli.

Catalogue: Andrea Cirotto.