Drop Business
Logo Redisign


Drop Business

Logo redesign.


The agency started to present themselves as a Digital Transformation Agency with a mission to help companies transition to digital. The old logo didn’t quite speak loudly enough about this transformation and it needed to be updated. I had to keep the same color scheme and couldn’t get too far away conceptually, but I found a couple of hooks that helped me come up with the winning solution. 


The two brackets embracing the “D” and “B” letters represent a solid connection to transmit the feeling of a strong agency that can be trusted. Also, the core of the agency is basically two guys, the CEO David Torres and his partner and technological director Alberto Vargas, so the logo represents this partnership. Furthermore, David has a big presence, with thick black glasses and a loud personality and sense of humor, so I needed the logo to reflect this, too, since he is the true face of the agency.


I also separately developed some personal branding for David, involving once again his physical features and presence and his hip-hop style.

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