Piero Lato

Piero is a bike mechanic but, more than that, in Barcelona he’s a public figure, a personaje. Everybody knows him, and (almost) everybody likes him. I’m lucky that he likes me and asked me to design his business card, which ultimately led to my designing his logo.


Concentrating on the business card, I decided to focus on his face. I wanted Piero’s brutally honest, no-filter face to be immediately recognizable, so I took a mugshot with my phone.


I put a picture of the back of his head on the back of the card and drew a map to his workshop on it, using his mohawk as the main road. This way I solved the problem of the map, which is important for helping people locate his shop.


Piero’s office has since then changed locations, so this business card remains a beloved collector’s edition item hanging on fridges in many homes.