Bloody Mary Brunch

Poster announcing  the launch of brunch at the restaurant.


I have been collaborating with this successful restaurant since it opened and it has been a pleasure to produce design and photography for the free spirits and tremendously hard-working Chiara Bombardi and Daniele Rossi. They have always granted me creative freedom as I help them deliver their message. Their mission is to provide top-quality produce with style and a sense of humor and to entice omnivores to appreciate plant-based cuisine. 

I designed menus, posters, and restaurant wayfinding signage (very important to save employees from having to answer the same question 100 times a day and to prevent the bathroom door from being torn apart). 

I also created marketing material for outdoor catering and food truck events in which they are habitual participants.

Brunch menu/table mat

Vinyl sticker on the craft beer fridge.

Special menu for Slow Food award post ceremony lunch, featuring Michelin star chefs Quim Casellas, Victor Quintillá and Artur Martínez.

The cocktail list.

Space to play with words and concept, blending New York style and the Go Veg philosophy.


Original Toilet Sign

Using Rasoterra’s logo elements to design the toilets wayfinders.

The cocktail list and space to customized menus on the columns.